After-40-Day Faith in Greenpoint

In his blog, "MindFull of the Truth," Wayne Hardy, pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of Stillwater, OK, gives a great challenge to Christians and churches about their faith after God's call. 

This challenge comes from the life of Noah. He knew God's plan for the first 40 days of the flood period but had nothing but faith to take him through the next 335 days. He writes:

Keep in mind that all that Noah was told in advance involved building the ark and how long it would rain, which would produce the flood. He was told to build an ark, and he did. He was told the rain would start in seven days, and he watched it begin. He was told it would rain 40 days after he was on the ark. It is quite certain that he heard this rain. But, what about after the the rain stopped? He knew nothing about what or when. God had been clear about the 40 days, but was silent about the remaining 335 days. The remaining 335 days might have taken as much faith as the first 40 days. It’s one thing to trust God’s instructions to build the ark, but it’s entirely different to trust Him when you don’t know the next step. In other words, it requires one kind of faith to trust God’s voice, but a whole other form of faith to trust His silence. Noah needed 40-day faith for this story to conclude God’s way, but he also needed “after-40-day faith” to bring about a successful conclusion.
— Pastor Wayne Hardy

This message touches so clearly on what we are doing here in Greenpoint. We have started a new church. Outreach, signs, cards, website, one on one conversations with people in the community and relationship building have all been clear ways of spreading the word about the church. We still use the phrase, "a new church in Greenpoint" because compared to the 50-150 year old churches in Greenpoint we are just getting started. The next phase of our church plant is a bit less clear. We know that a church grows as born again, baptized believers come together to serve Christ as a local body, but who those people will be and when they will be reached isn't exactly clear. Also, we don't plan to meet in an old factory building forever so our future location is also a bit unknown. Pastor Hardy has a good challenge for us: 

It takes faith to plant a new church, but it takes just as much faith to stay hooked up when you feel you are in a holding pattern.
— Pastor Wayne Hardy

As we move forward as a church, let us remember that all the faith that it took to begin North Brooklyn Baptist Church is just a drop in the bucket of what faith will be needed for it to become all that Christ wants this church to be.