Christmas Outreach in Greenpoint

During the month of December the North Brooklyn Baptist Church is distributing special Christmas outreach cards. These are a trifold tract with a message entitled "What do you want for Christmas?" In part the tract says, 

While you most likely did not write a letter to Santa, you probably have a least a mental wish list. Whether your list is long or short, there needs to be another entry. There is a gift that you desperately need this Christmas...God’s gift is available to anyone who will repent of their sins and turn from them to the Savior.”
— Christmas Outreach Tract

North Brooklyn Baptist Church primarily exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a great time to share the hope that the Christmas message brings. If you receive one of these tracts on the street or near the subway you will probably hear a, "Merry Christmas" with it. It is our way of putting the message of the gospel right in your hand. May this message of hope and salvation encourage you during this Christmas season.