We Believe: Identifying with Christ and His Church

Church Theme for 2016

In 2016 at North Brooklyn Baptist Church we will have a church theme entitled, "We Believe: Identifying with Christ and His Church." This theme is designed to focus the culture and message of our church around the resolution given by Peter in John 6:69, which states: 

And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.
— John 6:69

"Identifying with Christ" deals with salvation. To be a Christian is to identify with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For some, this will mean reaffirming their belief in Christ and making choices in life that are in line with their commitment to be a follower of Christ.  For others, there may be a question in their mind as to whether or not they should identify with Christ. If Peter believed and was sure, than there must have been a time when he didn't believe and wasn't sure. Someone may ask, "Is Jesus Christ who he claims to be? Why do I need salvation if I am a pretty good person?" Or even, "Does God exist?" At North Brooklyn Baptist Church we invite these tough questions and are committed to sharing the truth of the Bible. 

"And His Church" deals with the next step in the Christian life. Baptism is a picture, a symbolic ritual that publicly identifies a person with Jesus Christ. It testifies to those who witness that, "I am now a follower of Jesus Christ. I have been born-again. Just as He died, was buried and rose again, I am being baptized to testify to you all that I have died to myself, been buried in the blood of Christ and made alive by His power to walk in newness of life!"

This theme also speaks to those who are born-again believers but are hesitant to attend church or join one. Often it goes something like this, "I'm a Christian, but I don't need a church to pray or to hear from God's word." This theme attempts to ask a more relevant question. The issue may not be whether or not you need a church but rather, does a church need you? Identifying with Christ in the local church means you are putting your boots on the ground in the effort to reach the world with the gospel.  That you are secure enough in Christ to be challenged weekly from God's word and open to helping others through prayer and fellowship. There is no global ministry without local ministry. 

Peter, who spoke the words of our theme verse, was an outspoken believer of Jesus Christ. However, even as he gave this declaration he was not as far along as he thought he was. Later he would deny Christ just before the crucifixion. Most Christians can relate to the ups and downs of Peter's life. He knew how to be the best and the worst Christian. "We Believe" is an ongoing resolution in life not a final destination. 

In 2016 we are praying that more people are saved, baptized, and added to North Brooklyn Baptist Church than ever before. Why? Because "WE BELIEVE!"