A Church with Parking in Greenpoint


One of the positives about our rental space on West Street is that it's on the old commercial waterfront of Greenpoint.  Most of the street parking around the building is night regulated, alternate side, or Monday through Saturday no parking zones. As a result, most the parking is empty on Sunday mornings! It isn't unusual to see 20+ empty parking spots within sight of the front door. At North Brooklyn Baptist Church we try to focus on the blessings of what God gives us. The ability to park in front of the building is a blessing to folks who require or prefer to drive on Sundays. You can leave your car out front for the day and enjoy lunch and an afternoon in Greenpoint. Transmitter Park and American Playground are both one block away. Wednesday nights are usually just as open too.  Join us this Sunday! 



Photo: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.