Reflections from Pastor Mike on the 3 year anniversary of North Brooklyn Baptist Church.

Three years is a great start. We continue to call ourselves the “new church in Greenpoint” because we still have that “new car feel” about our ministry. It still feels new to ride the elevator and walk the halls of the old rope factory only to arrive at a church space! It still feels new to pass out gospel tracts and church invitations to our neighbors on the sidewalk. It still feels new to share the gospel with someone who has never heard.

I remember how excited we were in 2013 to hold our first service on Eckford Street and how crushed we were when we lost the space 5 weeks later. Little did we know then that God was doing exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think. Now as the year closes we look forward to next summer when, after we unite with the Union Baptist Church down the street, we will be celebrating our 170th anniversary! 

The growth of our church has had its ups and downs. There have been many Monday mornings when I felt like we were completely starting over. Yet God has provided in every way. We have seen people saved and join the church. We have been given countless opportunities to present the gospel to the people of our community and provide spiritual counseling. We have tried to build the church the right way, with an emphasis on prayer and biblical preaching. Our church has reached out with the love of Christ and without compromise. God has paid every bill and provided for us in every way. When I had to step away during the summer, God provided the people and the funds to keep the ministry moving forward. 

Looking ahead, the future is bright for our church. We will continue having services in the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, preaching the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. The interior renovations on the Union Baptist Church will begin next month. We hope that we will be able to move into the oldest church building in Greenpoint by the end of the year. 

If you have never been to our church or it's just been a long while, please join us this Sunday for our anniversary celebration. We will have a fellowship breakfast at 9:30am and service at 10am. 

Pastor Mike Newburger

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
— Ephesians 3:21