North Brooklyn Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


About us

Some of the first members of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church of Astoria were residents of Greenpoint. Since that time over 20 years ago, that church has been praying for an Open Door to start a new Baptist church in Greenpoint. God led the Michael Newburger family to Astoria to learn from their experiences and begin a new church in Greenpoint.

We are a church that believes that the Bible is God's Holy Word. We use the King James Version of the Bible in all of our preaching and teaching ministries. It is the center of our ministry. We use the name Baptist because it links us to a group of people who down through the ages have held to a simple belief that what the Bible says is true. Our church offers no mystical experiences, just real Bible answers for life's greatest questions.

We want you to know that your whole family is welcome to attend. We try to make young children feel special every service with their own area for coloring and spending time with friends. Parents of newborns and infants are also welcome. There is plenty of room for strollers and they also fit in the elevator. Throughout the year the children participate in special music and bible memory presentations.



  • Preaching Jesus Christ as the only way to God and the only payment for the sins of man.
  • Providing challenging preaching that connects to our daily lives. Most Sundays we are going verse by verse through a book of the Bible using expository preaching. 
  • Sacred and uplifting music that emphasizes the holiness of God. 
  • Daily street ministry where the gospel is given one-to-one. 
  • Distinctly Baptist in our doctrine and church practice. 
  • One-on-one and group Bible studies. 
  • Growth oriented ministry that believes that a church can grow in any culture and time. Numbers are not the goal but every number has value. We are actively reaching out with the gospel. 
  • Emphasizing home and foreign missions though prayer and financial support.  


In 2017, we will be uniting with The Union Baptist Church of Brooklyn, located two blocks away in Greenpoint. You can find out more about this exciting journey on our news blog